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8 Mansion Feng Shui

Directions and Readings of Eight Mansions on Compass

See this page more as a reference. How does it work?
Look with a Compass (e.g. on your phone) which direction it indicates when you stand in the doorway and look straight out. That is the facing you need. The sitting is 180 degrees opposite the facing.
Now that you know the facing direction of the door you can easily see the good and bad sectors of the house.
Use these sectors wisely. If you have any questions, contact me. I am happy to answer them. Good luck. 

Direction and readings of 8 mansions compass

Four Favorable and Four Unfavorable Directions of Each Mansion

Auspicious and Inauspicious Direction Chart of:
KAN mansion
GEN mansion
ZHEN mansion
XUN mansion

Kan Mansion – Main door sitting North facing South (i.e. facing 157.5℃ -202.5℃)

Gen Mansion – Main door sitting Northeast facing Southwest (i.e. facing 202.5℃ – 247.5℃)

Zhen Mansion – Main door sitting East facing West (i.e. facing 247.5℃ – 292.5℃)

Xun Mansion – Main door sitting Southeast facing Northwest (i.e. facing 292.5℃-337.5℃)

Li mansion
DUI mansion
DUI mansion
QIAN mansion

Li Mansion – Main door sitting South facing North (i.e. facing 337.5℃ – 22.5℃)

Kun Mansion – Main door sitting Southwest facing Northeast (i.e. facing 22.5℃-67.5℃)

Dui Mansion – Main door sitting West facing East (i.e. facing 67.5℃-112.5℃)

Qian Mansion – Main door sitting Northwest facing Southeast (i.e. facing 112.5℃-157.5℃)

Usage of Four Favorable and Four Unfavorable Directions

After locating the four favorable and unfavorable directions for each of the eight mansions, we should understand the usage of them in shops and offices for interior feng Shui orientation.

Four Favorable Directions

They are namely Fu Wei,  Yan Nian,  Sheng Qi and  Tian Yi.

Four Unfavorable Directions

They are namely Huo Hai,  Jug Ming,  Liu Sha and  Wu Gui.

Tian Yi, Liu Sha and Wu Gui are the directions that require the most attention for fen: Shui set up in offices as Tian Yi is the wealth sector, Liu Sha is that for interpersonal relationships while Wu Gui is the inauspicious location that causes illness, diseases, conflicts and mistakes.

Usage and Order of the Auspicious and Inauspicious Sectors

Tian Yi

In an office, Tian Yi is the wealth sector that is ideal to be used by the bass or the one who is responsible for seeking sales orders. Many fang Shui consultants wrongly assigns this sector to accounts department as they misunderstand the business operation and think that accounts department is responsible for making money to facilitate the growth of the company.

Liu Sha

Liu Sha is the romance relationship location in an office. Romance relationship location governs both love luck and general interpersonal relationship. It is desirable to be used by the boss or the sales department as it strengthens cations so as to facilitate successful business deals. It is also good to ave the personnel department sitting here.

Fu Wei

Pu Wei is the stable direction that is most satisfactory for the boss to be used in a well-established company. It is also a good sector for those directors who has already handed over the business onto the sons and daughters but would still like to be in the office even if they don’ t take active role in operation. Other important departments like accounts department or personnel department may use this location, too.

Yan Nian, Sheng Qi

Yan Nian and Sheng Qi are auspicious sectors that may be used by the accounts department, personnel department, department or other important departments.

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Jue Ming, Huo Hai

Jug Ming and Huo Hai are ordinary sectors that carry neither auspicious nor inauspicious attribute. They may be assigned to the clerical staff who handle files and documents. pantry, washrooms or archives may be orientated to here.

Wu Gui

Wu Gui is the most inauspicious the use of pantry, photocopy room, sector that is rest room or conference room be here. Only suitable for other unimportant departments such as positions for post deliverers. This is because they don’t have to be in the seats all the time and thus will have only limited effect caused by the negative energy.
However, if other staff are placed in this sector, they will often fall sick or make mistakes and will then get sacked. If the boss sits here, he will become short-tempered, impatient and often blames the staff. If the management team is seated here, they will inevitably make among decisions.
Although Wu Gui is often used to be a conference room, it is not appropriate to orientate the entire room within this sector. Otherwise, the  attendees will stick their guns and not able to work out a compromise. A good design is to include also the wealth sector, romance relationship sector stable sector, auspicious sector or ordinary sector in the conference room. The strategy for a successful business meeting is to sit the boss in the favorable sector and the client in the inauspicious place.

Main Door Facing South

Main Door Facing Southwest

Main Door Facing West

Main Door Facing Northwest

Main door facing South
Main door facing southwest
Main door facing west
Main door facing Northwest

Main Door Facing North

Main Door Facing Northeast

Main Door Facing East

Main Door Facing Southeast

Main door facing North
Main door facing Northeast
Main door facing Easth
Main door facing Southeasth
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