Heavenly Foundation for Meditation

heavenly foundation

Select any of the following sitting postures in order to stabilize the physical, mental, and spiritual condition toward the center of the earth, using the force of heaven which passes straight through our body vertically.

Heavenly foundation 1
Fig. 1

1. Right Sitting Posture

On either the ground or the floor with a natural straight posture, the muscles relaxed, including the shoulders and elbows. Leave a distance the size of one fist between the knees (Figs. 1 and 2).

2. Right Sitting Posture on a Chair

Sit deeply in the chair with a natural straight posture, the knees bent at a ninety-degree angle. There should be a distance the size of one fist between the knees, as in the Sei-Za posture (Figs. 3 and 4).

Heavenly foundation 2
Fig. 2
Heavenly foundation 3
Fig. 3
Heavenly foundation 4
Fig. 4

3. Lotus Flower Posture

Sit on either the ground or the floor, the legs crossed with each foot on the opposite thigh. Hold the spine naturally straight by putting a cushion about 4 inches in height under the buttocks (Fig. 5).

Heavenly foundation 5
Fig. 5
Heavenly foundation 6
Fig. 6

4. Half Lotus Flower Posture

Sit on the floor, the legs crossed, with one foot resting on the opposite thigh and the other on the floor (Fig. 6). In order to keep a naturally straight posture, a cushion approximately four inches in height may be placed under the buttocks.

Heavenly foundation 7
Fig. 7

5. Rounded Sitting

Sit with a naturally straight posture, the legs open more the ninety degrees, the soles of the feet flat against each other (Fig. 8). In order to keep the spine naturally straight, a cushion may be placed under the buttocks

Heavenly foundation 8
Fig. 8 Inhaling

After selecting on of the above postures, rest the left hand, palms up, thumbs touching one another so that the spirals at the tips of the thumbs meet. Keep the eyes either half-open or light closed. Relax the eyes, looking forward to the ground a proximally ten to fifteen feet away, without focusing upon and particular object.
Begin long, deep breathing through the nose. Breathe in deeply, downward toward the lower abdomen, the region of the Tan-Den (two inches below the Navel Fig. 8). Hold the breath for several seconds, allowing the abdomen to remain expanded toward the front. Then exhale with a slow, long breath. Repeat this breathing for about three to five minutes.
During this period, have the image that we are stabilizing ourselves firmly upon the earth. As if we were immovable regardless any circumstance.

The purpose of this exercise is to develop oneness in our physical, mental and spiritual constitutions as a part of the natural environment, and to establish inner confidence, invincible and unshakeable in the universal faith. It also actively harmonizes the entire metabolism of the body.

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