How to discover your key element

In each of the sections, there are 10 statements for you to consider. Read each one carefully and choose the one that resonates most with your current lifestyle and which ones don’t. Once you have worked your way through all the statements, add up you will find your score on the bottom of this page to see which is your dominant, or key, element. 


Now you have your scores for each element. Whichever element score out highest is your dominant or key element right now. However, if two elements have the same top score, then read both element phase sections and decide which feel most affinity with.

If you have a good balance of elements, then just use your Birth element as your key. If, however, you have an extremely undeveloped element, i.e. one with a very low score, then it can be helpful to read about it characteristics to establish what benefits of this energy might be missing in your life.

Now you know which element is either currently influencing you or represents your dominant or key element, click the bottom below to discover how to balance and bring harmony to your life.

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