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To feel more relaxed, and focused and get better health.

Meditation is a powerful tool for turning down the noise, creating mental space, and all the health benefits of reducing stress…

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Like many people, I couldn’t stick to meditation consistently

That is why we introduce those accessible online meditation courses.

Emotional Mastery Class

Soon available

Past Guided Meditation

Theta waves transport you to the depths of meditation. You’ll feel nourished at the deepest levels as your mind transcends daily clutter.

Why meditation classes?

Meditation has been the biggest game changer in allowing me to lead a life of joy and peace of mind


We live in a society that has us over-stimulated on every front, with our phones, laptops, radios, and TVs. It’s no wonder you feel like you can’t sit still…

Meditation Starter Kit

With the Present Mind yoga cushion, you are guaranteed to find the perfect meditation sitting position.

heavenly foundation

Heavenly Foundation

Sitting postures in order to stabilize the physical, mental, and spiritual condition toward the center of the earth.


QLB Meditation

The fastest, cleanest, and most natural way to release tension and increase your awareness.

About me

Hi, I'm Devafirak (Firak), the meditation coach

I like to help people how to meditate and write blogs that can change their life.

What my students say

Beautiful and so easy to follow, thank you for your time and effort.
Amira Talley
QLB Meditation
Excellent meditation with useful prompts. I’ve been leading guided meditations since completing this meditation and feel clear and relaxed.
Andi Lane
Past guided Meditation
A really lovely meditation. I am a holistic therapist and this will be very useful in my professional practice.
Dianna Smiley
Emotional Mastery Class
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