Your Own Professional Feng Shui Consultation

Would you like to receive over 50 pages of all of the below giving extremely detailed advice on the following

  • You will be shown how to activate your Peach Blossom and shown exactly where to place it, the correct amount of flowers and the colour vase, this method alone is a very closely held secret and extremely powerful. You will also be given the dates and times to set up your peach blossom three months ahead. Peach blossom is used to activate relationships and career.
  • Your own personal Feng Shui prosperity cheque to activate wealth and also told where to place it within your home. The cheque is personalised with your name and the amount you request. This cheque was used in the famous “The Secret” book although our Feng Shui cheque is personalised for you with your lucky sheng chi numbers.
  • Your most auspicious direction to face at work and home, this is often calculated incorrectly as advice on websites and books is confusing to many, with our report there are NO MISTAKES MADE
  • Your personal Min Gua Trigram, again many people go ten years using wrong information, this report sets the record straight
  • How to activate your Sheng Chi (wealth, career, reputation and good fortune),  Tien Yi ( health, creativity, study) Yan Nian ((Longevity and Relationships) Fu Wei (Overall harmony, Peace and Stability)
  • Your personal Chinese animal and earthly branch and prediction for the year ahead
  • Your compatibility with all the twelve Chinese animals
  • Your personal auspicious times to start projects, building work, interviews etc
  • personalised lucky 15 degree sector, this is not known to many people and a real bonus
  • Your personal fortunate sheng chi numbers (used for gambling/lottery etc), this is not known to many people and a real bonus
  • personalised auspicious lucky colours to use in choosing clothes, cars, stationary, websites designs, logos,  and other elements of colours that you may need.
  • Your own personalised Min Gua report giving you so much valuable information that normally requires reading and studying for some time. And again the information is 100% accurate. No need to worry if you have not understood a book or website which is our experience happens more often than not.
  • Enhancing Elements for you personally, it could be earth, metal, water, fire or wood. This is often not understood well and mistakes can be made.
  • Which direction the top of your head should face when sleeping
  • Your secret friend  (Chinese animal)
  • Which direction you should face when working, meditating, watching TV, attending meetings etc
  • How to rectify a missing area if you have one.
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