In 13 steps

Spiritual Purification

The idea of spiritual purification is to enrich and replenish the mind, body, and spirit through simple exercises. If the following exercises are intelligently and patiently studied and practiced, they can bring clarity and victory over all personal problems. These exercises can make people permanently healthy in body and mind. While they are simple and easy to do, they should be done in small doses as they have the power to cause temporary insanity!

By practicing these thirteen simple and natural spiritual purifications, you have the power to realize heaven on earth.
Your personal perfection has been waiting for you all eternity. These spiritual purification exercises will open you up so you can let it in. They will allow you to let go of all your negativity. They are fun and enlightening.

Write on a piece of paper or record your thoughts for 15 minutes – uncensored. Go through what you have recorded and turn all negative thoughts into positive ones. Use a sheet of paper for this.

The breath is the power of both the human mind and body. Do 20 connected breaths every day – connect the inhale with the exhale in a relaxed rhythm. Be careful and aware when you inhale and relax when you exhale.

To eat. Abstain from food one day a week for one year. It should probably be a weekday. Weekend days are often social experiences and so they are not good for building a rhythm. Do only one day a week for the first year.

Sing the name of God daily. You can chant any name to God, but I have gained the greatest value by chanting Om Namaha Shivai. The purpose of repeating the name of God is to evoke the divine presence and all divine emotions every day.

I recommend that you walk around your block every day and meditate on your neighbors to love them all. Be aware of the nature around you.

Stay awake all night once a month. Meditate on the emotional changes and body feelings. Meditate on the moon and sunrise. Use the exercise in step one to process your troubling thoughts or feelings with affirmations.

Participate in a monthly town meeting near you. The goal is to realize a spiritual family and friendships and to fulfill the basic responsibilities of citizenship. Learn from the great saints of the earth.

Shave your head at least once every 10 years. I recommend shaving your head once a week for about a year every ten years for nine months. This cleanses your energy body, heals the body and reverses the aging process. It speeds up the rejuvenation process.

Water purification is simple and easy. I have practiced meditation immersed in a warm bath for an hour a day for many years. Showering daily is effective, but I recommend total water immersion at least once a week.

We have taken fire for granted. We use the power of fire in our cars and our homes; it does most of our work for us and is the source of infinite comfort and pleasure. In India and in Native American cultures, people practice a ceremony of feeding the fire with common everyday food as an act of respect and gratitude for what fire does for us.

American Indians also sometimes give food to their water sources, also to feed the gods of nature. These are good practices.

Physical work is sacred. I advise you to regularly use your body to do homework, gardening and even your own garbage. Working on or on natural soil produces good feelings and spiritual enlightenment. Farming is the holiest occupation on earth. Body work methods such as massage and athletic activities also qualify as manual labor.

Each person must take responsibility for our reproductive powers. The current population on Earth can and must be peacefully reduced. You can do it by controlling your own reproduction and controlling the population growth in your block and in your city.

Winning the money game through intelligent, pleasant and loving service is a method of spiritual purification. Your rewards in life, tangible and intangible, are directly proportional to the quality and quantity of service you render to your fellow human beings on this planet.

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