Accessories and Five Elements

  On special occasions like the Valentine’s Day or your lover‘s birthday, have you ever thought of buying him/her a piece of jewelry? Apart from the design he/she loves,you might choose a gemstone or amulet which complements his/her birth month. He/she could be more charming and lucky that way.

Amulets and birth months

  Everybody is missing certain Elements in his/her life and those Elements depend on his/her birth month. A gemstone that supplements your missing Elements will enhance your luck. Here is a recommendation on lucky amulets in relation to the seven major festivities on the Chinese calendar:

Born between 4 February and 5 March

They are missing Fire and Wood and they should wear gemstones of Fire or Wood nature to make up for their lack. Fire gemstones include ruby, amethyst and rose quartz. Wood gemstones include amber and bee wax beads.

Born between 6 March and 5 April

They are missing Water and Metal and they should wear gemstones of Water or Metal nature. Water gemstones include diamonds, onyx and pearls. Accessories of Metal nature include gold or silver items.

 Born between 6 April and 5 May

They are missing Wood and Water. They should wear Wood amulets like amber and bee wax beads, or Water gemstoneslike diamonds, onyx accessories of Water and Metal nature, such as diamonds, onyx, pearls ,gold or silver items.

Born between 8 August and 8 October

They are missing Fire and Wood. They should wear Fire or Wood amulets such as ruby, amethyst, rose quartz, amber and bee wax beads.

Born between 9 October and 7 November

They are missing Fire and Wood. They should wear Fire or Wood gemstones such as ruby, amethyst, rose quartz, amber and bee wax beads.

Born between 8 November and 3 February(of the following year)

They are missing Fire and Earth. They should wear Fire gemstones such as ruby,amethyst and rose quartz: or Earth gemstones such as jade or emerald. 

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Wearing the wrong amulets

The wrong amulets might bring bad luck and destabilize your emotions.The following is a summary of the negative effects:

  1. Those born in spring(i.e. between 4 Feb and 6 May)wearing too many gold or silver accessories are more likely to injure themselves.
  2. Those born in summer(i.e. between 7 May and 8 August)wearing too many accessories of Fire nature or in red color will become short-tempered and argue with others easily.
  3. Those born in autumn(i.e. between 9 August and 8 November)wearing too many Metal or Earth accessories such as jade, tend to be extremely stubborn and easily agitated.
  4. Those born in winter(i.e. between 9 November and 3 February of the following year)wearing too many Water gemstones such as diamonds, will feel depressed and pessimistic.

Generally speaking, wearing a ring(or other accessories of similar sizes)would not affect your luck too much. In other words, it won‘t bring you good or bad luck. So, you can buy a ring based on its design and your taste only, without any Feng Shui implications. To make its power more potent, wear several accessories of the same Elements at the same time.

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