How to Heal Yourself

Too much negative thinking can eventually exhaust the body

Too much negative thinking can eventually exhaust the body and reduce its resistance to protect us from outside influences. If you want to stay healthy and vital you will have to change this.
In these troubled and uncertain times when we are inundated with too much information, many of us can no longer distinguish what is right and what is not. The often well-intended advice does not have to work for everyone, after all, we are all unique.

But how do you find the right information that works for you. 
On our website, you can find tools and suggestions to increase your resistance again. And teaching you to heal yourself and stay healthy.

We are all our own healer. We forgot how to do that:
We make ourselves too dependent on external factors. Medicines, doctors, good advice from others etc.

We don’t maintain our bodies well. With wrong thoughts. Think too little positively about ourselves.

If you want to stay healthy and vital you should change this

Give yourself regular attention with good supportive thoughts.

Illness is basically asking for positive attention that you don’t give yourself or get from others (this is you too)

By connecting with your inner thinking you can heal yourself

Negative thoughts and beliefs will eventually cause discomfort and illness

How do you know what the cause is for your complaints?

The list below “Cause of Diseases” can be the first aid to find out where the cause is.


Back problems: tension

Above: Not feeling emotionally supported, need support
Middle: guilt
Lower: burnout, worry about money

Bladder: releasing pressure

Blood: life force, vitality

Bones: solidity, fulfilling desires

Burns: Boils, Fever, Sores, Swelling: Anger

Cancer: deep resentment, distrust, self-pity, hopelessness, helplessness

Colon: Constipation is an inability to let go, diarrhea is a fear of holding on

Ears: obedience, not accepting what is said.
Earache: anger.
deafness: refusal to hear.

Feet: understanding, steadfastness, rooted, humility, submission

Fingernails and Toenails: Aggression

Gallbladder: aggression

Genitals: sexuality or rejection sexuality, self-esteem, sexual prowess, denial of feminine worth, sexual guilt, fear of sex

Gums: Trust

Hair: freedom, strength

Hands: understanding, ability to act, holding on too tightly to money or relationships

Head: Fear of how we appear to others, self-hatred

Headache: self-harm.

Heart: the ability to love, emotion, self-denial, love and joy

Kidneys: Partnership

Knees: humility, submission, inflexibility, pride, ego, stubbornness, fear of change

Large intestine: greed, the unconscious

Limbs: mobility, flexibility, activity

Liver: discrimination, philosophy, religion

Lungs: contact, communication, freedom, denial of life, inferiority

Migraine: Anger, Perfection, Frustration

Mouth: willingness to accept.

Muscles: mobility: flexibility and activity.

Neck: Anxiety, Flexibility

Nose: strength, pride, sexuality

Overweight: Need protection, security issues.

Pain: Guilt seeking punishment

penis: strength

Sinus: irritated by someone

Skin: contact, tenderness

Small intestine: processing, analysis.

Stiffness: not flexible, resistance to change

Stomach: feelings, receptivity.

Succeeding: lack of joy, negative thinking, fear

Teeth: aggression, vitality

Throat: fear, anxiety, fear of change, anger, frustration, suppressed creativity

Tumors: Inability to let go, not allowing healing of old wounds

Ulcers: Anxiety, lack of self-esteem

Vagina: self surrender

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