Love and Harmony Meditation

love and harmony meditation

The purpose of this exercise is to develop our feeling of love and harmony either toward a certain person or many people or toward a certain idea or thought. It is also to dissolve our emotional conflicts and obstacles which may exist in our relationship with some other person or unfamiliar thought.

Although there may be no particular person to whom to dedicate our love, and no particular thought with which we wish to realize our harmony, if we practice this exercise every so often, dedicated to all people and beings, we can achieve a spirit of universal love and peace.

These exercises can be practiced alone or with any other person. Especially for two persons between whom mutual love and harmony are to be achieved, the practice of this exercise, performed by looking gently into each other’s eyes, can heighten the inspiration of love and harmony to realize the feeling of oneness.

This exercise generates the active flow of the electromagnetic force running through our spiritual channel, and especially illuminates the region of the heart, accelerating the circulation of blood. It produces active vibrations which are spirallically radiated from the center of the chest area – the emotional chakra – which results in the rapid elevation of the feeling of love and harmony.

We make out back naturally straight in Natural Right Sitting Posture on a chair, the ground, or the floor so that our spiritual channel may smoothly carry the forces of heaven and earth.

We keep our eyes half-open, looking toward the infinite distance without focusing on any particular point.

We open both our arms wide, as if ready to accept and embrace all things. Both hands are naturally opened toward the front, with no tension. (See Figs 9 and 10.)

Fig. 9
Fig. 10

We start the breath with our chest, especially at the area of our heart, with long gentle inhalation slightly longer than the exhalation. Both inhaling and exhaling should be done through our slightly opened mouth. At the time of inhaling, we barely move our chest area forward, as if our body is beginning to glide toward flying in space. Our body naturally returns to the original straight position as we gently exhale.


While we are repeating this breathing and motion of our body, we have an intensive image in our mind of the person or persons to whom our love is to be dedicated, or the thought or idea with which harmony is to be realized. During this exercise, we silently repeat the words “love” and “harmony” in our mind.

We continue this exercises for three to five minutes, and then return to the normal meditating posture and gradually diminish the image and words.

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