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Quantum Light Breath meditation – The transforming power of breath

Breath is Life. In these troubled and uncertain times, with all the different information and rules, you can easily get tense and stressed. What is good and what is not? Will it all work out?

At some point you decide that it is enough. You want to release the tensions and stress. You just don’t know how.

To quickly transform and resolve tensions and stress, you can use a transforming breathing technique. Ordinary breathing will not give a transformative result. Conscious breathing, with the body in a relaxed state, the in and out breathing connected in a relaxed rhythm, will have a transformative effect.

This breathing technique is also called “BreathWork” or “Rebirthing”. You can learn this yourself. The idea is that you connect the inhalation and exhalation without a break and with a relaxed stomach.

If you experience a tension or pattern while breathing, gently shift your attention back to your breathing. It seems simple but you do need some exercises to do it. This breath will bring up old patterns. If you allow it. Continuing to focus on your breathing as patterns rise will eventually dissolve the patterns.

There is an easy way to learn this meditation. You can learn this technique, the Quantum Light Breath, with the aid of an MP3 sound recording. During this Dynamic Breath meditation you will be personally guided during breathing.

A CD / MP3 of this Quantum Light Breath meditation was made by Jeru Kabbal. Many people have already learned and experienced the healing transformative properties of this meditation. Most have become very enthusiastic.

The advantage is that you can play MP3 when it suits you and when you feel you need it.

You can download the MP3 file below.

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