Discover What The Mayan Priests Would Have Said About You And Your Future… 

Based On Where Your Birthday Lands
On This Ancient Stone Calendar!

About The Mayan Calendar

A set of interlocking wheels, the Mayan calendar contains wisdom about the Earth only known by the ancient Mesoamerica civilizations. Priests once used this to predict events, catastrophes, and personal futures…and today, modern technology gives us the ability to adapt this ancient system to predict events in YOUR life. It’s easy!

Most people in modern culture don’t remember this, but ancient civilizations such as the Maya believed that your personality and life path were painted the moment you were born. You might have found out a little bit about yourself already after learning your Western or Chinese Zodiac sign…

However, what most people don’t know is that ancient Mayan astrology gives you a much more detailed and accurate reading, known as your personal Prophecy Reading!

Updated For Today’s Modern Lives And Challenges
Of course, the original Mayan Calendar was used for predicting things like when to plant corn, who to marry, and the next meteor shower. Now, today’s lives are a bit more complicated – and while we still wonder who our best life partners might be – there were definitely some updates that needed to be done to make the predictions helpful to you in modern times. So, that’s exactly what we’ve done!

The NEW Mayan predictions system takes all the information and symbols from the old calendar and runs it through an amazing system called “Dreamspell,” which adapts the deep wisdom and star cycles to issues that are facing us today. This combines both ancient wisdom and modern technology in a complex and completely unique way, all to produce what is called your Cosmic Energy Profile.

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