Metaphysical Causations for Physical Illness

Probable Cause
New Thought Pattern


Who are you allergic to? False ego & sensitivity.

I am at peace. The world is safe & friendly.

Back Problems

Lack of support. UPPER; lack of emotional support, holding back love. LOWER; lack of financial support. Fear of money

Life itself supports me. I trust the universe. I freely give love and trust


Confusion, disorder, small hurts. Family and calendar beliefs.

I am a free thinker. I am at peace in my own mind.


A deep sense of sorrow. No sweetness to life.

I allow life to be FUN. I let the past be just that. I accept joy & fun as the basis of my life.

Eye Problems

Not liking what you see in your own life. Fear of the future. Not seeing the Truth.

I see with loving eyes. I like what I see, I see clearly, I see the Truth.


Resistance, boredom. Lack of love for what one does.

I am enthusiastic about life, & filled with energy.

Gas Pains

Gripping undigested ideas, Gulping air from fear.

I relax & let life flow through me with ease.


Tension, emotional upsets, hurt feelings, Uncertainty.

Peace, love, joy, relaxation. In my world all is well.


Unsatisfied desires, remorse. punishment for guilt.

Whatever I need will always be here. I accept my good without guilt.


Prejudice. Discolored beliefs.

I feel tolerance & compassion for people.

Knee Problems

Inflexibility, fear. Ego, pride, inability to bend. Stubborn.

Forgiveness, tolerance, compassion, I move forward without hesitation.

Lung Problems

Afraid to take in and give out life.

The breath of life flows easily through me.

Mouth Problems

The incapacity to take in ideas. Set opinions, closed mind.

I welcome new ideas and new concepts.


Communication, struggle, rushing, fear, anxiety. Confused thinking.

I am on an endless journey through eternity. Peace, be still. There is nowhere to rush.


Insecurity, self-rejection. Seeking love. Protecting the body. Trying to fulfill the self. Fear of loss. Stuffing feelings.

I accept andlove myself as I am. I am always secure in spiritual nourishment. I allow myself to feel.


Congestion, blockage. Belief in bondage. Punishment for guilt.

I release any need for punishment. I let go and let life flow through me.


Lack of love. Resentment. Chronic bitterness, revenge.

I have compassion for others and for myself. I accept joyful feelings.

Stomach Problems

Incapacity to assimilate ideas. Fear of new ideas.

I assimilate new ideas easily. Life agrees with me.

Throat Problems

The avenue of expression. Repressed anger. Emotional hurt swallowed.

I freely express myself with joy. No one can hurt me, I am at peace.


Something eating away at you. Anxiety, fear, tension. Belief in pressure.

Nothing can irritate me. I am peaceful, calm and at ease.

Veneral Disease

Sexual guilt. Belief that the genitals are sinful or dirty. Need for punishment.

I lovingly and joyously accept my sexuality and its expression. There is no guilt and no punishment.


Belief in ugliness. Guilt, hate for the self.

I do advertise ugly thoughts. There is NO guilt. I love all of my body.

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