Palace of Metal

Balance your Element Metal

When you are in a Metal phase or it is your birth element, you need to work especially with the chakra’s which correspond to Earth and Water.

Here is a description of the chakra energy associated at their most simplified level:
Element Earth: (Root chakra) – grounded, centered, waiting, acceptance.
Element Water  (Sacral chakra) – receptive, creative, sensitive, sexual
Element Fire ( Solar Plexus chakra) – vitality, vision, enthusiasm, optimism
Element Wood (Heart chakra) – detached love, compassion, ideals, altruism
Element Metal (Throat chakra)- power, truth trust, responsibility

Vitalizing the inner you during the Fivefold Year

As you can see, autumn is the most auspicious time of year for metal. This is a time for re-evaluation and transformation, a time when Metal knows that the fullness of the year must change and decay. This is a  time to actualize and prepare. Symbolically the moon is in its last quarter, and is waning, drawing in all its knowledge of the cycle to generate a new cycle of seasons.

Autumn – Work with outer beauty, body, fitness and food
Winter – Time to work with chakras for inner harmony
Spring – Concentrate om your environment at home
Summer – Best time for working on self-empowerment
Earth season – work on outer style and inner feast  

Your discernment is an invaluable source of inspiration to others to get to really know themselves, and you may experience the joy of transformation others people’s lives, introducing them to self-mastery and self-control. To help channel this energy, make sure your bed, desk, favorite chair or sofa faces west, the most auspicious direction for Metal.

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