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Be Mindful All The Time

There is so much fear and anxiety today all over the world and this affects everyone. We must be proactive about looking after our energy so that we can be the best version of ourselves even when things are very tough.

6 simple mindfulness exercises

What does that actually mean, being mindful? And how can you learn it? Get started with these 6 mindfulness exercises.

6 mindfulness exercises for at home

1. Before you get out of bed in the morning and before you go to sleep, focus on your breathing. Take five mindful breaths.
2. Choose a daily activity and do it with attention, such as working in the garden, showering, getting dressed. Do it slowly enough that you are aware of what you feel, see, hear, smell and taste.
3. Sit quietly and notice how your thoughts come and go by themselves. Think of them as events that “flow in and out” of the present.
4. You can also train mindfulness by talking and listening attentively during conversations with others. Notice when your mind wanders, for example to what you want to say next. Try not to judge the conversation or the content of what is being said.
5. If you come across unpleasant thoughts and feelings, kindly put them aside, without taking them for granted or looking for a solution.
6. Regularly take three minutes of ‘breathing space’ during your activities. You can practice mindfulness by asking yourself three questions: How am I doing? How is my breathing right now? How does my body feel?

This is how you can train mindfulness
Research shows that mindfulness exercises significantly improve quality of life and that the effect is long-lasting. The training also has positive effects on people with chronic pain, heart complaints, anxiety disorders, depression, and sleeping problems.

Wil je graag uitgebreider kennismaken en oefenen met mindfulness? 

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