Defeat undefeated

How to come through defeat undefeated

When Jehovah told Moses he was to go to Pharaoh and demand freedom for the Hebrews, Moses objected because he was not a good speaker. Jehovah sent Moses’ brother, Aaron, to help him.

The word “Aaron” symbolizes strength. It took great strength for Moses to appear repeatedly before Pharaoh and ask for freedom, especially when his requests were not being granted. By having to appear before Pharaoh a number of times and speak words of freedom, Moses gained an inner strength which he would need later – not only to get the Hebrews out of bondage but to keep them out of it.

When you try to overcome a problem and do not succeed, you have not failed. You are merely gaining an inner strength through your repeated efforts, which you will need to make your demonstration and keep it. Like Moses, “If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Speak the word of freedom when you are trying to overcome a problem: “The power of God is working through me to free me from every negative influence. Nothing can hold me in bondage. No one can oppose my good. I am an overcomer, a child of God, so now I accomplish great things with ease.”
If that freedom does not come immediately, you have taken a step toward your desired goal. When you have taken enough steps toward your desired goal, you will step right into it.

It is often when you have struggled until you feel you cannot go on that your good begins to appear. Meanwhile, your struggles were not wasted. The work was being done in the invisible.

It is through persistently claiming your freedom, even in the face of apparent failure, that you come through defeat undefeated.

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