Blessing For weight

Blessing For Weight Loss

Blessing For Weight Loss

A mother used the power of blessing to help her teenage son lose 17 pounds of excess weight in three months. This boy has been overweight since birth. Doctors repeatedly said that it was a “gland condition,” and that nothing could be done about it.

In his early teens, this child became very conscious of his weight and felt he could bear it no longer. The usual methods for losing weight had not worked for him over the years, and so it seemed a hopeless problem.

Finally, his mother heard of the dynamic power of blessing. She and her son agreed that instead of criticizing or condemning his weight problem further, they would begin to praise and bless his body with the thought of “perfect weight.” It was agreed that whenever the boy thought of the subject, he would say to himself, I am not fat. My body is blessed with perfection now.

Meanwhile, his mother began a little time daily to bless him with the thought of the perfect weight. She said this: I bless you as a radiant child of God. I bless your mind body and affairs as they now express radiant perfection.

This young man has now shed 17 pounds in three months. He and his mother plan to continue this blessing technique until his weight is entirely normal.

You will enjoy declaring: “There is dynamic power of blessing. So I now bless my body with the thought of perfect weight.’ I am the radiant child of God. I bless my mind, body, and affairs as they now express that radiant perfection. Yes, my body is blessed with perfection now.”

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